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Tired George's November Blog

Hello all,

It’s quite a tired George here . . . I have the builders in! They’re demolishing the back part of the barn cattery which in all honesty needed to be done as it was in a very sorry state and we now have the new cattery anyway.

I haven’t been able to catnap during the day because of all the banging, the raised voices of the maintenance guys to make themselves heard above all the banging and occasionally their whistling which believe me leaves a lot to be desired!

I had to find somewhere else nice and quiet to escape to during the day so after breakfast one morning and telling my pal Trixie I was off for a stroll, I set out on my mission. Luckily I didn’t have far to go – next door in fact, through the Tack room in the main barn and upstairs. There, before my very eyes were blankets and cat beds of all shapes and sizes just waiting for me, George, to try them out! I was like Goldilocks – I tried each and every one until I finally found the perfect one. It was solid with lovely thick pieces of carpet, it was oh so cosy toasty!

I settled down for my nap, confident in the knowledge that I was far enough away to very faintly hear the demolition squad in the background . . . but wait! What could I hear? Cheryl was showing a new volunteer round the bird enclosure and calling out to the ducks . . . .

NO-O-O-O! I cat-apulted down those stairs, ran across to the enclosure but too late – the ducks were in full throttle! I took Cheryl to one side and explained to her, whilst keeping my paws tightly clenched in exasperation, that I had finally found a quiet place to catnap and was drifting off for some much needed sleep only to be disturbed by her calling out to the ducks which, of course, would make them all excited and start quacking and would she please bear it in mind next time. Here I had to pause for breath during which time Cheryl apologised profusely, picked me up and carried me back up to my new-found abode and settled me down for my nap stroking me until I finally fell asleep. Zzzzzz

Now, while I have you . . . Christmas is on the horizon and thoughts turn to present buying. With things as they are in your world at the moment, have you thought about the gift of sponsorship? No having to go to the shops for this.

For as little as £3 per month you can sponsor any one of us and the recipient receives a certificate, a photo of the chosen animal or bird with their story plus quarterly newsletters from them. When things improve and we are able to, the sponsor will be able to come to the Sanctuary to visit. All this done from the comfort of your armchair and you will be helping us all here in providing our food and keeping us in the manner to which we have become accustomed.

We will also be having a raffle in December (for two weeks only) and there are some fantastic prizes – I know because I have had a sneaky preview! Trixie and I rather fancy the look of one of them so we are going to club together and buy a ticket . . . well for £2 we’d be silly not to!

All the money raised from this goes to me and my pals so please buy a ticket or two for us.

Until next time, stay safe and keep up with the hand washing

Love and purrs



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Never ceases to amaze me how cats seem to be able to totally relax in some of the most awkward places to sleep......

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