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Storm Eunice

Hello everyone!

Well I thought I'd better put paw to keyboard to let you know that after Storm Eunice we are all safe and sound and thankfully suffered little damage: just twigs and a few branches here and there but no buildings damaged and thankfully no injuries sustained to anyone. I hope you all faired as well?

I was asked to attend a meeting by the Trustees and Team Leaders the evening before to discuss a plan of action should the worst happen and it rested on my shoulders to go round all my pals here and warn them of Storm Eunice and how to prepare. Now here, my dear readers, I must add that one of our long-serving volunteers is also called Eunice so it would be pertinent for you to remember this.

My feline pals were issued with extra blankets in case the power went off thus disrupting the heaters and heat pads in their rooms and I advised my equine pals to remain in their shelters if at all possible and perhaps to keep a corner of their shelters for bodily function matters, rather than venturing out and the volunteers would completely understand.

The same advice was given to the birds, goats and pigs although I have to admit both Puck and Dec didn't seem at all bothered by this news that Storm Eunice would be coming and would be with us for some time - in fact they seemed quite excited! "Ah well," I thought, "each to their own. I have warned them and they have sturdy shelters with plenty of straw".

Well as we all know, Storm Eunice came with a vengeance and it was certainly very noisy here with the trees all around but I was happy I had done my bit in warning everyone and Trixie, Felix and I were very snug in our room and actually managed to get some sleep.

The next morning, although still windy, I went round making sure everyone was okay and the buildings hadn't suffered any damage. My pals were absolutely fine apart from Charlie trying to keep his luxurious mane under control in the wind but fighting a losing battle and Puck and Dec. "What's wrong with you two?" I asked. "I thought you said that Eunice was coming for some time" said Puck. "We've been looking out for her and ate all the food we had last evening in one go as we knew if she saw our bowls empty we'd be getting more when she arrived" added Dec "but she didn't come and we're starving now!" Oh dear. . .

I sat down with them and tried to explain the difference between volunteer Eunice and Storm Eunice but I suspect due to embarrassment because they hadn't listened properly in the first place, just hearing "Eunice" and associating her with food, they both stomped off, ignoring me and went back into their sties extremely disgruntled.

I would like to say, on behalf of all my pals here, we are extremely grateful to our volunteers who kept us safe and managed to get to us the next day to prepare our meals and look after us. Thank you!

Take care everyone

Love and purrs



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