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Trixie wasn't happy . . . in fact, she was absolutely livid! There I was the other afternoon, stretched out under the oak tree by the tea room, digesting my lunch and debating as to whether or not after a snooze I should go and see if Arthur would fancy a game of "Chase" when an ear-piercing screech rang out from the barn cattery quickly followed by a series of yowls and howls. I leapt up, a bit disorientated as I'd just started to drift off to sleep, fur all dishevelled so not looking my best only to see Trixie come stomping out of said cattery spitting and hissing and looking like something possessed.

"What on earth has happened?" called out Dec - and readers, for Dec to have been so disturbed as to come out of his sty just goes to prove how loud Trixie's caterwauling was!

"I have no idea" I replied and then realised that everyone had gathered round and was looking to me to find out! I flexed my paws, shook myself and then slowly, very slowly made my way towards her.

"Helloo . . . Trixie, are you okay?" I asked in a somewhat shaky sounding voice.

"NO, I AM NOT!" she replied "Someone has stolen my stash! THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!" she yowled.

"Oh hec!" I thought "I know who that was". I'd seen someone go into the cattery earlier whilst Trixie had popped out for a call of nature and sweep round and when they got to Trixie's chair and lifted up the blanket draped over it, there underneath was a pile of biscuits . . . the stash! Thinking, as anyone might, that they had just been dropped and accidently kicked under there, they'd swept them up. I ran off to find the person as quickly as I could before Trixie imploded and related the story, begging them to come back and explain. Understanding the look of terror on my face and the fact that I was now on my knees with front paws held together in prayer, they promptly marched down to the cattery, apologised to Trixie but then proceeded to remind her that she was still restricted as to how many she could have in one day and by hiding some biscuits she'd not done herself any favours and everyone would be very disappointed in her. I actually felt quite sorry for Trixie then who, to be fair, looked very sheepish and crept back into the cattery and curled up on her chair.

Everyone then wandered back to their rooms, relieved that there were to be no dreaded consequences and I . . . well, I put a pawful of biscuits under her blanket, we winked at each other and peace reigned but shhh! don't tell anyone as THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!


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