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My October Update by George..

Hi everyone – George back here with you again!

I - ahem- got told off the other week . . . by Maggie and she wasn’t best pleased with me! I tried to remind her who I was and of my celebrity status but she was in full throttle and wouldn’t listen. My crime? I caught a mouse – well actually, not so much caught as it just ran into my paws whilst I was outside lying under the tree. We stared at each other for a bit and I was just about to pat him on his way (honestly!) and that’s when Maggie caught me and thought I was going to do it harm. She swooped it up in her hands and took it over to the hedge, presumably to let it go unless she wanted it for herself. She came back and read me the riot act about all creatures deserving to live and how I mustn’t ever do that again – I tried explaining that I was more shocked than anything to see it there but all to no avail so I just sat there and listened until she’d finished and thought I’d better just apologise to keep the peace and then tried charming my way round her by slowly opening and closing my eyes, as we cats do, and rubbing round her . . . it worked! We’re best pals again.

We’ve all been rather busy here as we recently had our Harvest Fayre and everyone had to pull together to get the show on the road. It was great fun watching the volunteers put up the marquees – Thelma and Louise, two of my donkey pals, stood and brayed the whole time cheering them on whilst a couple of the shetlands were giving out advice as to how they should go up and who should put whose side up first. I think they all appreciated our help. . .

Of course we were all hoping and praying for fine weather but alas, as is typical, we woke up to grey skies and drizzle. But we weren’t downhearted and after breakfast we all rallied round and got ourselves ready to meet our public. We had some great music which the donkeys joined in with - in fact at one time Starsky got a bit carried away with his singing and had to be restrained by Hutch and sometime during the raffle Thelma helped by calling out for the person who had won a prize! I have never seen so many dogs – all beautifully behaved I may add – but I admit I did keep my distance as I’m not really used to them but they had great fun in their beauty contest that we held.

We were so delighted to see so many people turn out to support us and we thank each and every one of you.

That night, after tea and after the tidying up had been done and everyone had gone home, we all got together and chatted about the great day we’d all had and the people we had met and how we were looking forward to doing it all again next year.

And so Snowy and Frankie waddled off to put their babies to bed, the goats took one more tour of their garden before heading off to their room as one by one we all bid each other a goodnight and peace once more fell across the Sanctuary. . . well, except for Dec’s snoring!

‘Til next time,



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