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George's Summer Blog

Hello everyone – George here with you once again.

Goodness me, what excitement we have been having here at the ABC! It all started when we were woken up rather early one Saturday morning by Buddy, whooping for joy and jumping around like Tigger on springs. “What’s happening?” said a rather sleepy Dec (nothing unusual there really).

“I don’t know” I replied “but I’m about to find out!”

I climbed out of bed, stretched and had a scratch and then wandered round to where all the noise was coming from. There was Buddy, grinning from ear to ear, being given the full pampering treatment by one of the volunteers with Starsky, Hutch & Chocolate looking on.

“He’s going to the West Chiltington Show” said Hutch. “He’s so excited!” said Starsky. “He’s kept us awake all night talking about it!” Yes, Buddy was off out for the day and nobody was more deserving of a treat than he as he’s had a bit of a bad time of late with his laminitis and not being allowed out in the field so we all wished him well and waved him off as he trotted into his horse box.

When he returned later that day we all had an early tea and gathered round eager to hear all about his day and what he had seen and heard but you know what? Buddy was fast asleep and snoring with a smile on his face so we all crept away and left Buddy to his dreams of his day out.

The next bit of excitement was a birth! Yes, we have had two ducklings born to proud parents Snowy & Frankie and I can tell you – it was quite a nerve-wracking time! We were all quite anxious as none of us has experienced a birth before so we didn’t really know what to expect or what we should do. Misty cat said she’d heard from snippets of conversation in the Feed Room that you had to have water and plenty of towels so she ran off to sort those out, whilst Bertie goat said he’d heard that all the men had to gather round the future father and pace up and down with him so we males did that whilst Misty rounded up the girls and supported Snowy. Oh it was tense I can tell you and when we eventually heard the cracking of a shell accompanied by a little “cheep” and a little duckling appear, we all went absolutely berserk with braying, crowing, neighing, grunting, bleating and meowing. But wait – Misty was ordering us to be quiet! We all stood around holding our breaths when.......yes! another cracking of a shell and a little “cheep” and there was another little duckling! Two babies born at the ABC! And the crowd went wild!

We all lined up to see the new additions to our family and to congratulate the proud parents and then Misty hurried us away saying that they now needed to be left on their own so we all went back to our respective houses to sleep but not before I cracked open some milk and Misty and I sat on my settee and raised a toast.

My last bit of news is our Autumn Harvest Fayre we are having on Sunday 22ndSeptember. Please come and support us – I’ll be available for photographs and you may even be able to see our new arrivals. Details of the day are on the website and we are all looking forward to seeing you.

Until then,

Love and purrs



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