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George's September Blog

Hello to all my friends and followers out there, I hope you are all keeping well and coping still with your new way of life.

I have been enjoying this lovely bit of sun and warmth we are having at the moment and long may it last.My pals and I are quite excited as we are seeing new faces about the place all of a sudden - still all social distancing I must add.

"Who are these people?" asked my goat pal Bertie one morning whilst we were chatting through the fence. "I have no idea" I replied "but I am going to find out and will report back" and promptly marched off to make some enquiries.

I found Cheryl in the feed room preparing lunch for a couple of the horses so jumped up onto the side and after receiving a few head rubs and strokes I put my question to her."Oh they are students needing to do work experience as part of their college course work" she replied. "We have just invited a few but I need you all to be on your best behaviour so if you could tell the others I would be most grateful". "I certainly will" I replied. "You can count on me" and after a few ear rubs I jumped down and set off on my mission to spread the word.

My pals were very excited to have the chance of seeing new faces (no disrespect to our well established volunteers who we love dearly) and all assured me that they would behave themselves . . . I have my doubts with Starsky and Hutch though, who are well-known for being a bit mischievous, as I'm certain I saw Hutch cross his hind hooves when agreeing to behave!

Our much longed-for cattery in the Orchard officially opened recently but sadly without the pomp and ceremony that everyone wanted due to the virus. Only the cat volunteers attended and a very nice gentleman and his wife whose mother had donated a generous sum of money to enable the building to go ahead. It was all very busy as Maggie and her team worked out where the refreshments were going to be and where they would all stand maintain social distancing. Trixie and I could only watch from behind the fence - I was a bit put out I must admit at not being invited inside considering the status I have here but decided to be the bigger cat and let it go. Everyone had a good time and it's just great to see this new cattery up and running.

Right, I must away - my horse pals Bob, Shabba and Bluebell have had a new patio laid outside their shelter and each evening I wander down to join them to put the world to rights and watch the sun set before retiring to my bed.

Take care all and stay safe

Love and purrs



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