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George's Lock Down Blog

Hi everyone, George here again at what must be a very strange time for you all as I’m told you aren’t allowed out very much and you have to keep a certain distance from each other! The latter is the same here at the Sanctuary.

“Have the volunteers had a falling-out with each other?” asked a concerned Puck the other day “only I’ve noticed these past few weeks they aren’t having their coffee break together.”

“And they’re not working together in the fields either” said Chocolate. “They are talking but they now shout across us to make themselves heard. It’s all rather strange, what could the matter be?”

“Just as long as I get my food each day, I’m not really interested in what’s going on with them” grunted Dec as he came out of his sty and looked in his food bowl to see what to have.

I decided the best thing was to hold a meeting, so that night after supper and the volunteers had gone home I gathered everyone round and explained the situation as had been told to me.

They all then understood the reasons why the volunteers were behaving as they were but when I had to tell them that all the fund-raising events that had been planned for this year were now cancelled as there were to be no social gatherings, they were all very shocked and dismayed.

“But we love meeting the public!” cried Starsky and Hutch. “And I love to greet everyone as they come in!” said Felix. “On no - I was going to ask if I could have a pampering session in readiness” wailed Chocolate “and I was so looking forward to it!”

I explained as best I could that this was an extremely difficult time for everyone all over the world but to rest assured that the volunteers were still able to come in each day to look after us and give us lots of hugs and fuss after which Chocolate cheered up a bit. Bob “the Cob” quite rightly pointed out that if we weren’t having any events then we would be missing out on the much needed money that they bring in so then what would happen? This then started a lot of chatter as you can imagine but Boris stepped up and went into his cock-a-doodle-dooing repartee which instantly quietened everyone to enable me to reply. “We have an announcement on our website” I said “asking the public if they can perhaps help by donating to us and from what I gather there are some very kind people out there who are.” Everyone seemed relieved to hear this and one by one we bade each other goodnight and trotted off to our respective shelters and to bed.

We will miss our public very much but we are keeping our paws, hooves, trotters and wings crossed that this strange time will be over soon and everything and everyone will be able to get back to normal. . . . if only for Chocolate to have her much wanted pampering session!

A big thank you to all of you who are donating to us – we very much appreciate it.

Bye for now and take care

Love and purrs



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