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George's Blog update

Hello my friends and welcome back to my blog. I hope all is well with you and that you were able to enjoy the fabulous weather we had recently – could you believe it?! We were all outside sunbathing – even Dec actually ventured out of his sty before midday and we all know what a lazy boy he is!

Talking of whom, you won’t believe my story I have to tell you: Dec recently had to have his tusks cut so on this particular morning the volunteers had to coax him out of his sty with treats – that was the easy bit because as we well know, Dec moves like greased lightning at the merest whiff of a treat. Whilst tucking in thinking all his birthdays had come at once, the vet gave him a sedative and Dec slipped into the Land of Nod. Having been reassured that he was asleep, I wandered into his enclosure as I was rather fascinated about this procedure and wanted to watch. The tusks are cut using a wire – which was very quick and painless but oh boy, it made me wince and pucker up my whole mouth. Afterwards, they covered Dec in straw and then two horse rugs to keep him warm whilst he slept.........and slept.........and slept........ A few hours later, Dec still hadn’t stirred although he was snoring and grumbling and the vet confirmed all was okay with him.

Dec Sleeping

Well, the next morning with Dec still wrapped up in straw and rugs I walked over to him: “Dec, wake up” I said.

“Go away” said Dec, “I’m so cosy toasty I don’t want to move”

“But you have to” I said. “Everyone is worried about you, they think something is wrong”

“Shhhhh - I’m fine” said Dec, “I’m just pretending - let me have a few more hours in this wonderfully warm bed”

And you know – he stayed like that for the rest of the day but suddenly got up the following morning, grunting and groaning, ambled slowly past a volunteer who stared at him open- mouthed in amazement and into his sty where he sulked for the rest of the day.

I’m pleased to say though that Dec is well and his little pretending act will remain a secret between us.

That’s all for now my friends until next time.

Take care and look after each other

Furrever yours



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