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George's blog continues

Hello everyone – it’s me, George, back with you again and hoping you are all fit and well!

Well, what strange weather we’ve been having! One moment I’m thinking about changing my bedding for a thinner blanket, the next I’m running around to keep warm and telling the “ladies that do” here that I definitely would like to keep the blanket I have thank you very much for the time being!

Anyway, enough about me - I must tell you about Arthur (my feline pal) and his little escapade the other evening. Maggie, the lady who oversees everything to do with us cats, came to give us our supper and whilst I was tucking in to mine I could hear her saying “what are you doing up there? Come down at once”. I sauntered up to the Orchard cattery where I could hear her chatting away to somebody and lo and behold, there was Arthur sitting up on top of the security light, looking all around like Nelson on his column in Trafalgar Square and not in the least bit scared of being up so high! Maggie muttered something about a ladder so off she went in search of one whilst the rest of us, Charlie and Whiskers, Katie and Felix and Freddy stood there looking up at Arthur in amazement (and, I suspect in Katie’s case judging by the look on her face, sheer adoration that Arthur had climbed so high and was now her hero!). “How on earth did you get up there?” I asked. “ I climbed up the fence and then jumped” said Arthur. “ You should see the view” he gasped. “ I can see right across the fields and into the gardens of the houses down the road – it’s fantastic!”

Just then , Maggie appeared with a ladder and put it up against the pole and proceeded to climb up towards Arthur, begging him to come down before he hurt himself. After much coaxing and the promise of more supper, he decided enough was enough and calmly walked down. Now you’d think that was that and Arthur would go and have his extra supper and then retire for the evening........but alas no! Maggie had tidied up and loaded her car with stuff to take to the tip, tucked us all in for the night and said goodnight to us all and off she drove.

A little while later Freddy came up to me and asked “have you seen Arthur? I can’t find him anywhere”. Well, we all went back outside calling for him when lo and behold, along comes Maggie again in her car...............with Arthur sitting on the back shelf, waving majestically and grinning from ear to ear! We just stared open mouthed as Maggie opened the car door and Arthur jumped out. “Where have you been?” I asked him and apparently he had jumped into the car whilst Maggie wasn’t looking and just thought he’d go for a ride! Luckily he was spotted just as Maggie drove halfway down the road towards home.

We all had a jolly good laugh about it later that night when we – finally - settled down but I did have to point out to him that it was a rather silly thing to do and he has promised not to climb the pole again or get into people’s cars.

We’ll see!

TFAN (time for a nap) - George x


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