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Fashionista Buddy

Hello everyone and, a little late I know, a Happy New Year to you all! On behalf of all my pals here I must say a very big thank you to those of you who sent us lovely treats for Christmas and to those who sent us money so that we could buy some treats . . . we are so grateful to you all.

I was feeling a bit at a loose end the other morning - Trixie was having a snooze and Arthur and Felix were playing a game of "tag" so thought I'd wander round to the feed room to see if anyone was about. I was in luck - Maggie and Cheryl were there chatting so I strolled in to join their conversation. We passed the time of day and they asked what I'd been up to but then they went on to discuss shopping and the latest episode of Coronation Street (is Ken Barlow still in it?!) at which point I was losing the will to live and wandered back outside. Buddy was just coming out of his shelter and I stopped dead in my tracks!

"Whoa!" I exclaimed - no pun intended. "Buddy, you are looking absolutely amazing! What's with the gear dude?"

He was wearing a brightly coloured coat with some rather fetching leg warmers . . . he certainly gave Versace a run for his money!

"I do look rather good, don't I?" Buddy replied, grinning from ear to ear. " I'm wearing this coat as it's a little chilly now and the leg warmers are helping my laminitis"

"I see" I replied. "I think you look great and it's so good to hear about the leg warmers as I know you've been suffering badly". Buddy then went on to explain that when the farrier comes to trim his hooves he can't wear the leg warmers then but instead wears little poultice boots lined with foam for a few days as his hooves are a bit sore afterwards. "I can't begin to tell you what a difference it all makes" he said. I was so pleased to hear that.

We continued chatting for a while about the latest fashions and then to wondering if Rita Fairclough was still in Corrie at which point, Buddy said he was going to stroll out to his pen in the field for a while and I said I'd wander back to the feed room to find out about Rita and let him know.

I'm actually quite envious of Buddy's leg warmers . . . wonder if I might have a pair? Must ask.

Bye for now my dear friends

Love and purrs

Gorgeous George


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