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Destruction Derby!

Hello everyone - good to be with you once again and I hope you have been enjoying the spell of good weather we are having at the moment? Me and my pals are loving being able to chill out in the sun and feel a bit of heat on our backs.

Now, the other evening I thought I'd accompany Cheryl on her rounds to check that we were all safe and sound and ready for bed - it was a rather fine evening, warm with the sun just beginning to weaken and all you could hear were the birds singing in the trees and a plane flying over when suddenly . . . CR-A-A-A-A-SH!! Well, poor Shabba leapt six feet into the air (quite something for someone his size, I can tell you!), I leaped into Cheryl's arms and we stared wide eyed at each other, not daring to move!

"What on earth was that?!" said Cheryl, rather shakily. "I don't know" I replied "but after you to go look". Well, I'm not daft you know and besides, Cheryl is bigger than me.

Just at that moment, Bluebell came sauntering out of the shelter she shares with Shabba, looking very sheepish and whistling and when she saw us she stopped and gave us a rather sickly-looking grin. "Bluebell!" said Cheryl, "What have you done?"

It turned out, when we went to look, that the barrier in the shelter between Bluebell and Shabba to separate them at meal-times was no longer! She had apparently become very impatient to have it out of her way and had decided to take matters into her own hooves.

"Ah well" said Cheryl "nothing that can't be mended and as long as you are okay, we'll say no more about it . . . but please don't do it again".

Bluebell apologised profusely and promised she wouldn't but I couldn't help but notice a rather wry smile on her face as she walked away!

That wasn't the last of the destruction derby dear friends. A day or so later one of the electric fences shorted out so Sky, noticing this but not thinking to bring it to anyone's immediate attention, decided to break through the fence and join Bluebell and Shabba (much to their surprise) to see if the grass really was greener on the other side.

Poor Rhett was in a dither as he too wanted to check it out but was fearful of his mum telling him off whilst at the same time not wanting her to be told off when she was found out! He trotted up and down the field, calling out to her "Mum, come back - you'll get into trouble!"

"In a minute" replied Sky "I have just found a rather tasty patch of grass here. I'll bring you back some. Be a good boy and stay where you are, I won't be long".

And she wasn't because someone had heard Rhett call out and had come to investigate. Within minutes, a disgruntled Sky was led back into her field, sadly without a souvenir bit of grass for Rhett, and the fence was repaired.

That's all from me for now. Don't forget we are having our September Spectacular on the 4th and 5th so please do come and visit us - we are getting so excited! Dec has a new house and wants to show it off . . . more on that next time.

Stay safe everyone and see you all soon.

Love and purrs



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