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Greetings dear friends!

Forgive my appearance but it has been a very tiring few days here at the ABC with very little sleep for me and all my pals . The reason? One of our ducks has been sitting on some eggs for some time now and as it has grown nearer and nearer to when they should hatch we have all been on tenterhooks. As spokescat for us all it has been my responsibility to keep everyone updated of the progress as it's a very exciting event for us - even my feline pal Trixie who is normally unperturbed about anything going on, ever so slightly showed a glimmer of interest in this event. Every hour, on the hour, I would make my way round to the duck area and peer through the fence to see if anything was happening and would then have to walk all round the entire Sanctuary to update everyone, waking up those who had snatched a little sleep . . . lucky things.

But then . . . on Monday I noticed a lot of activity amongst the ducks. There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and chatter. Could this be it?! I sat down and patiently waited . . . and waited until finally the news broke that five little ducklings had hatched! Eureka!

I flew round the Sanctuary meowing as loud as I could the good news to everyone - boy, what a noise we all made! We all had celebratory drinks of Adam's ale and milk, slapping each other on the back and shaking paws, hooves and trotters until Trixie appeared and reprimanded us for being so noisy when there were little babies needing some peace and quiet to sleep. Feeling suitably chastised (but still on a high with excitement) we all retired to our respective homes and joined the little ones in some much needed sleep.

But, my friends, it doesn't end there - I have been informed that we are soon to expect further additions to our family as there are another batch of eggs waiting to be hatched!

I'm off to have a catnap before I start all over again!

Love and yawns




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