Patrons : Joanna Lumley,  Peter Egan,  William Gaunt,  Pollyanna Pickering,  Lorraine Chase
President: Sue Jameson

Alex and Donkey

 Alexandra with Hutch the donkey


Welcome to our Alexandra Bastedo ABC Animal Sanctuary website. The aims of  the  Sanctuary are  to rescue abandoned animals and animals in distress, to provide them with care and protection and - where  possible - to find them a new home where they can be happy, safe and properly cared for. In some instances, where the animals are very old, need permanent special diets or have personality disorders through ill-treatment they are guaranteed care and protection and a home with us at the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

The Sanctuary was started by Alexandra Bastedo over thirty years ago and she led the Trustees until her recent death in January 2014. Her first animal rescue was a donkey, and since then the Sanctuary became home to unwanted donkeys,   ponies, miniature shetlands, sheep, goats, cats, pigs, poultry and wild birds. Since moving out of the flood plain near Chichester over 14 years ago and buying a smaller house, with a much bigger acreage for the animals on a hill near Pulborough in West Sussex, the number of animals at the Sanctuary has increased enormously and we are now always full to capacity. We also always try to help re-home other unwanted animals - including dogs - through our animal network, if we are unable to take them in ourselves.

Our patrons are the actress and animal rights campaigner Joanna Lumley, William Gaunt - actor and Alexandra's colleague   from "The Champions",  Pollyanna Pickering - the renowned wild life artist, actor Peter Egan, and Alexandra's friend of many years, actress Lorraine Chase. We are also honoured to have Sue Jameson as our President.

To look after so many animals and birds the Sanctuary has the support of four trustees - Allan Sims, John Williams, Cheryl Tofield-Cook, and Di Humphries - and the un-stinting help of  over sixty volunteers of all ages, who between them cover every day, of every week, of every year in all weathers, and without whom the Sanctuary certainly could not operate. 

We hope you enjoy your visit here, that you'll like the photos of our lovely animals and the work we do for them here at the Sanctuary, and that you'll come back often.  

The Trustees