Our aim is always to rehome animals where possible. Check out which of our animals are up for rehoming. If you find an animal you are interested in rehoming, you can book an appointment to meet that animal and get to know eachother.



Dolly & Tots


Dolly: 15 | Tots: 10


Both female


Dolly and her daughter Tots, came to the sanctuary after their owner’s circumstances changed.


They are two very sweet Shetland ponies, who are sometimes difficult to tell apart. Dolly is quiet and more reserved, whilst Tots is bolder and somewhat inquisitive. They are a happy pair and love sharing their field with Rupert.

Rhett & Sky


Rhett: 16 | Sky: 19


Rhett: male | Sky: female


They need to be rehomed as a pair.

Sky and her son Rhett, both Welsh ponies were rescued from a field full of ragwort (poisonous to horses) and a dilapidated shelter when their 82 year old owner died.


A lovely girl, Sky can at times through the summer, suffer a little from sweet itch.

Sky enjoys being groomed and like Rhett loves to have a cuddle with the volunteers.


Rhett was unhandled, quite wild and still a stallion when he came to the sanctuary but improved somewhat, after gelding. He is now very affectionate and enjoys nothing better than to be groomed and cuddled.