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I'm Back Baby!

Well my lovelies - here I am again! "Where have you been?" I hear you ask and I will tell you.

I woke up one morning and after eating a hearty breakfast of Felix As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious beef and poultry . . . in jelly(!), I strolled up to the office, sat in front of the laptop to begin writing and . . . nothing! I sat there for a while having a scratch and washing my face (remembering to include behind the ears) . . . still nothing! Feeling very perplexed I wandered back down to the barn feeling all at odds when my piggy pal Puck asked me what was wrong. I explained what had happened - that I'd sat for a while and nothing came to mind to write about and how very odd it felt.

"Writer's block" grunted Dec from across the way. "Come again?" I replied. "Writer's block - that's what you have. Leo Tolstoy suffered with it for months, even years" replied Dec. "It's when you just can't think of anything to say. I wouldn't worry about it - look how he turned out in the end" and with that he wandered off to see what there was to eat in his food bowl.

Quite how Dec knew that none of us has any idea, he amazes us at times but then Trixie ambled up and said that perhaps that's what I should write about: my writer's block, get it all down on paper . . . so I did and here I am.

I'm back baby!


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