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We thought you might like an update on Hutch as many of you have been asking how he is coping since the sad passing of his brother Starsky.

Of course, this has been a very difficult time for Hutch. He had to stay in the equine hospital for a couple of days after his brother had passed away. This is standard practice to make sure that he wasn’t too distressed as this can cause digestive system problems in donkeys. The hospital also made sure he was eating and drinking properly before he could come back to the sanctuary.

On his return Hutch was immediately paired up with his other donkey field companion Chocolate. They were very pleased to see each other again. Hutch is also now back out in his field with his Shetland pony pals Eddie, Raffles, Jack and Jill.

His other donkey friend Louise is in the next field, and he had a “chat” over the fence with her immediately.

Whilst he is a little quieter than normal, he is eating normally and getting lots of fuss from the volunteers. He is settling back into life at the sanctuary, and we are keeping a close eye on him.

It will take a little while for him to adjust to his new life without his brother but with the love of all the volunteers and his equine friends we are sure he will be OK.

Unfortunately, this is the very sad side to looking after animals, especially older or ones with medical issues. However, we will continue to provide them with all the care and protection they need at the ABC Animal Sanctuary.

We've launched a Just Giving campaign to help with costs of Starsky’s vet bill which totals appx £5,500 and if you can help us in any way, however small we would be extremely grateful. Simply click on the button below.

If you have already donated, we cannot thank you enough – it is really appreciated by all of us.


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