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George's Blog - New Year

Hi everyone – Gorgeous George here again and before I go any further I would just like to miaow to all my followers: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope you all had a good Christmas? We were very lucky in the present department as we had a whole lotta food, new cosy beds, new toys and packs of furry mice bought for us so on behalf of my feline pals I would like to miaow a huge THANK YOU to those very kind people for thinking of us!

One of my donkey pals, Choccie, had a lovely surprise just before Christmas – she had a visit from her sponsor! When she saw her, Choccie immediately went into diva mode, walking round the field, flicking her head like Miss Piggy, ignoring all pleas to come to the gate. But then she caught sight of.............the GINGER NUT BISCUITS! She ran up to the gate as though powered by Duracell batteries and skidded to a halt, eyes out on stalks and salivating at the sight of the humble ginger nut. A good time followed with Choccie allowing her photo to be taken with her sponsor whilst keeping one eye on those biscuits the entire time!

My goat pals, Bertie, Paddy, Patch & Jay, were also on the receiving end of a treat - they were given a Christmas tree to feast on.......and feast on it they certainly did! Boy, can those goats eat! I had to pucker up my mouth just watching them – I mean, think of those pine needles and gums! Ouch! It didn’t appear to bother them though as they stripped the branches almost bare and then relaxed in the sun with their little hooves across their full tummies and very contented smiles on their faces. They all agreed though that one tree was plenty!

Keep well my friends and I remain your furrever friend

Gorgeous George



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