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Celebrity George!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Hello everyone - George with you once again,

I hope you are all keeping as fit and as well as I am and getting out and about in this fab weather we are having! Me and my feline pals are absolutely lapping up the sun and its warmth and spend much of our days sprawled outside doing . . . absolutely nothing.

I had a bit of excitement last week - I met one of my fans! I was just sauntering through the barn cattery having finished off a snack when I heard my name being mentioned so rushed out to see what was happening. There was a very nice lady, just getting out of her car, and she was calling my name so I rushed up to greet her. We sat and had a little chat - socially distancing of course - and she told me she's a regular reader and that she'd come to collect her prize she had won in our recent raffle which I was delighted to hear. I think I made her day and after she had gone, it suddenly struck me . . . I'm a celebrity! Me, little old George who had been wandering the streets for some time before being picked up and taken to the local vets and eventually brought here to live. Crikey, how my life has changed!

I had to share this with someone so I ran round to see my pals Buddy and Beanie who are feeling pretty fed up at the moment as they have laminitis and are having to rest up and told them about my meeting with my fan and how thrilled I was. "We're very pleased for you" said Buddy, "you're a thoroughly decent feline and Beanie and I so look forward to you popping round to have a chat with us - you brighten our days".

"Indeed" said Beanie. "Buddy and I are so miserable not being able to go out and play with our friends but then you come along and make us laugh with your tales and antics - you're a real tonic".

Wow - any more praise like this and my head won't fit through the cat flap!

Now, be sure to tune in next month as we have a very special celebration planned for one of my pals here. Yes, it's the big 30 for S . . . oops! nearly gave the game away so that's all I'm saying on the matter for fear that if I reveal any more, it might get back to the one it concerns so you'll just have to be patient!

Take care everyone and remember: paws, face, space and fresh air.

Love and purrs



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