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George's February Update..

As I sit in the sun, under the tractor, contemplating, a thought comes to mind. There is nothing sweeter than justice my friends, and that is just what I have experienced of late.

Cast your minds back to the time I was reprimanded by Maggie for supposedly having caught a mouse when in fact it actually ran into me whilst I was dozing and we were enjoying a little chat but which she mistakenly thought I was just about to sample as an afternoon snack.

Well, this particular afternoon, Arthur and I were sitting outside my front door, just chatting generally , when Maggie drove up, put the car into reverse and slowly drove towards the tearoom but kept going . . . and going . . . and going. Arthur looked at me in horror, grabbed my paw and exclaimed “what is she doing?!” “I have no idea” I replied so the pair of us just meowed “STOP!” to which, in all fairness, she did but not before there was an ever so slight crunching noise.

“Whoops” exclaimed Arthur and we both walked behind the car to witness part of the balustrade to the tea room verandalying flat on the floor! “Oh no!” cried Maggie, “what have I done? I was so busy keeping an eye on you two to make sure you didn’t run behind the car that I forgot to look how close I was getting to the tearoom!” Did I reprimand her? No as I could see she was thinking only of us and she was very sorry for what she had done so we escorted her into the tearoom and made her sit down with a cup of tea to steady her nerves and assured her that nobody had been hurt, it was just a piece of wood that is easily mended.

We have a new addition to our large family – Hyacinth the chicken. We were all very excited and rushed up to Boris the cockerel, who was standing by the door of his enclosure smoothing down his feathers and sprucing up his cockscomb, making sure his breath was nice and fresh when suddenly she appeared! Well, we all did a double take and Boris was heard to mutter “I don’t believe it!” because Hyacinth was Henrietta’s double! “How on earth am I going to tell them apart?” cried Boris. “I don’t want to offend either of them, but what can I do?” “That’s easy” sniffed Henrietta “I have a much bigger comb than this one” and promptly marched back into her hen-house. “Oh yes!” replied Boris “Phew, that’s okay then” and proceeded to strut up and down, going through his crowing repertoire in an attempt to impress his new neighbour whilst the rest of us ran for the hills with paws, hooves and trotters covering our delicate ears.

See you all soon - Gorgeous George xx


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