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Our aim is always to rehome animals where possible. Check out which of our animals are up for rehoming. If you find an animal you are interested in rehoming, you can book an appointment to meet that animal and get to know eachother.



Pinky & Perky


Both 10 years old


Pinky: female | Perky: male


They need to be rehomed as a pair.

Pinky, Peppa and Perky are Penny’s two daughters and son. Born at the sanctuary and when old enough, Pinky along with her brother Perky went to live with a couple who owned a small holding. Sadly, it didn’t work out as both pigs grew too big for the enclosure that they were in and so they returned to the sanctuary.


Pinky is a sweet girl who is happy to wile away her days wandering around the enclosure that she shares with the others or having a doze in the sunshine or under the bushes. A rather rotund boy, Perky is the largest of all the pigs at the sanctuary. Although quite friendly, he is also a little reserved at times and is happy to hide away in the bushes or in the sleeping quarters. However, at the sound of the food bucket rattling, he will come running along and be first at the feeding station.

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