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Hooray - it looks as though Spring has finally arrived! Everything is starting to look greener; my duck pals have been spending more time splashing about in their pond quacking with all their might and my horse and donkey pals have been running around their fields and rolling over, kicking their hooves in the air in sheer delight! My piggy pals have been getting a little worried though as they know that when the sun reaches its full strength then sun block will be applied . . . something that doesn’t go down too well with them although they know it’s for their own good. My feline pals and I have been thoroughly enjoying the weather and after breakfast and a game of “Chase me” there’s nothing better than settling down in a warm sunny spot and having a quiet doze, feeling the sun's warmth on our old bones.

It has been a rather sad week for us all here as we had to say farewell to our lovely pal Dec . . . we still can’t believe he has gone. He was such a character: quite often pretending to be asleep if he didn’t want to speak to you and was quite the fussiest of eaters preferring his pasta cooked, carrots sliced very thinly and he would never, ever eat the end of a cucumber! He could be a grumpy old boy at the best of times but we all accepted that – it was all part of who he was. He will be greatly missed.

He did manage to see his public though for one last time which, like the rest of us, he looked forward to (although would never admit!) and I would like to say on behalf of all my pals here, a huge thank you to those of you who were able to come to our first Open Sunday afternoon of this year. It was amazing to see you all and we were all so excited, it was very hard getting to sleep that night!

We have a few more coming up as well as our annual Open Week-end so please keep looking at our website under the Events section.

Trixie and I have decided we are going to have a little stroll round the Sanctuary now in the sunshine before tea-time and wish our pals a Happy Easter.

We wish all of you, our friends, a Happy Easter too and we thank you all so much for your support as we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you.

Bye for now

Love and purrs




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