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Is This Spring?

Hello everyone - George here,

Well here I am sitting on the chair in the office in front of the laptop, paws hovering over the keyboard ready to begin my blog when my attention is drawn to the outside where once again the rain is hammering down, the branches of the trees are swaying vigorously and I meow out loud: "is this really Spring?" Just then, Arthur comes flying through the cat flap

shakes himself, spraying rain water over me and replies "so they say!" We ponder this for a while, putting all the facts together that could prove to us it really is and we come up with: it's April, the clocks have gone forward an hour, the mornings are lighter (which means Boris the cockerel wakes up earlier . . . and all of us too!), and the evenings are shorter

and . . . IT'S EASTER!! So therefore it has to be Spring! We stare at each other for a few seconds and then Arthur rushes through the cat flap again shouting "I must go tell the others!" and runs off down to the bottom of the Sanctuary calling out to our pals as he goes "it's Spring! It's really Spring! It's Easter everybody!"

And just for those brief few minutes, the rain stops and the sun makes a really big effort to shine and you know, I believe it really is Spring.

We have our Spring Fair coming up on 23rd of this month, our first public event of 2023, so I do hope you will come and see us all and support us. We will be so excited and will be making sure we look our best and hoping the weather will be kind to us. I might even wear my shorts if it's warm enough! Note to oneself: dig them out and make sure they still fit.

Thank you as ever for your support as without it who knows where we would be!

On behalf of all my pals here, our lovely volunteers and Trustees, we hope you have a great Easter and receive the egg your heart desired when you first saw it in the shops!

Bye for now


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