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George's Update

Hi everyone – GG back with you once again!

I have been listening in on the various conversations between the volunteers here and decided I would set an example to all my pals here and put this social distancing into practice.

Whilst strolling round the Sanctuary on my own, I caught sight of my reflection one day in a window and noticed I was carrying a bit of extra weight and to be truthful I had felt a bit sluggish when running about with my pal Arthur so thought this is the ideal time to start a fitness regime. “Be strong!” I said to myself, “you can do this.”

Okay, I’ll hold my paw up and own up to the fact that this decision was made mainly because of my new neighbour, Trixie.

She moved into my block a little while ago and she’s actually rather cute. I started walking up to her door to introduce myself and then remembered that I wasn’t supposed to do that so went back to lounging on my couch, hoping that she would acknowledge me as she walked past . . . nothing, zilch, nada! Not a meow greeting, not even a passing glance or twitch of the tail. I tried everything in getting her to notice me and that’s when it hit me - I would spend my time exercising and getting myself in shape whilst I was in lockdown. It meant I would have to give up my writing for a while but I thought it was worth it, my public would understand and they would be pleased with my efforts in keeping myself fit and well.

Jogging round the Sanctuary was a bit tough at first to say the least but with my pals cheering me on in the fields, it became a little easier day by day. Running up and down a pile of spare fence posts took enormous effort but with Puck

and Dec’s encouragement that too became easier each day. I was feeling pretty proud of myself as I felt so much better and looking at my reflection I looked better too – Trixie had to notice me now!

However, one morning Maggie scooped me up and informed me that some of the volunteers had noticed I was looking on the slender side so I had been booked in at the vets for an examination.

“But . . .” I said. “No buts George” said Maggie “you’re going to have a thorough check-over to make sure you are okay”. And with that, off we went!

I wasn’t happy as you can imagine and when I got to the vets they stuck a needle in me and took some of my precious blood, examined me all over, pushing and pummelling. “I’ve been doing a fitness regime!” I meowed to the vet. “Yes, you’re a gorgeous boy” they replied. “Seriously, why do you not understand me?”

Needless to say, when we arrived back at the Sanctuary I stomped off in a huff and retired to my couch, not even bothering to look at Trixie when she passed by. All that exercising I had done – and I was so pleased with myself that I looked and felt better only for people to think I was ill – I needn’t have bothered. A little later Maggie came in and said I had passed my check-up with flying colours, everything was fine and I was the same weight as when I first arrived at the Sanctuary nearly four years ago.

I know, I should be pleased they all care about me so much and truly, I am. And Trixie? Well she was actually concerned when she heard where I had gone and spent the afternoon with me, meowing her life story. Result!

We are now good friends and quite often take a stroll round the grounds outside our building . . . socially distancing of course!

Take care all and stay safe

Love and purrs



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1 Comment

Glad to hear George and his friends are well. Not sure about obeying the social distancing rules however, as far as I recall cats don't obey any rules.........

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