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George's New Year Resolution for 2021!

Hello everyone . . . and Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you had a good Christmas despite not being able to spend it in ways you normally do. Me and my pals here had a great time as the volunteers turned up with huge smiles on their faces and set to work making our pens and stables all clean and tidy whilst singing carols . . . it was really lovely! Snow falling would have been icing on the cake but you can't have everything I suppose. As for me? I learnt a very valuable lesson on Christmas Day . . . and made my first ever New Year's Resolution:

We all had Christmas treats and me and my feline pals waited patiently whilst new toys for us to play with were handed out and gratefully received! We tucked into our Christmas lunch with gusto and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on our beds, catnapping with paws folded over full tummies . . . except for Trixie.

I caught sight of her out of the corner of my eye, hoovering up the biscuits I had left for later(!) and then wandering over to the feed room, no doubt to see if Misty had left anything. She had and moaned to me later that she had specifically left a few biscuits to enjoy at suppertime but when she woke up from her nap, they were gone!

By this time Trixie was asleep with a very satisfied grin on her face and snoring so I went over to chat with my pal Buddy. He had seen Trixie wander over and watched as she gobbled up Misty's biscuits. "I thought she was on a diet" he said. "She is" I replied "And I am very disappointed in her because she was doing so well. It's not going to do her any good and she'll have to go back to the vets again to be weighed - after all the effort Maggie has gone to in measuring out her food and getting her the right biscuits, explaining to her that her health will suffer if she doesn't keep rigidly to the diet! I just don't know what to say."

Buddy started flapping his hoof and had a strange look on his face. "She's behind me, isn't she?" I said. "Yep" said Buddy and trotted off.

My friends, I didn't know what to do! I turned to face Trixie feeling shocked and guilty that she had heard me talking about her . . . she just sat and stared at me.

I spent all evening apologising, I even let her have the biggest share of the radiator in the Barn cattery and when I finally said that I was worried about her putting on weight again as I didn't want to lose my bestest friend ever (said with bottom lip quivering you understand) she softened and actually thanked me for caring about her and would put every effort into re-starting her diet. Phew!

I have never felt so relieved and have vowed that my New Year's Resolution will be to think before I speak . . . or at least have a good look round first before I go discussing my pals.

Keep safe everyone and take care.

Love and purrs



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