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Buddy came to us with diabetes.  He had been kept in a tiny grazing area on his own, so that he didn’t eat too much grass.  Because of this his owners found it hard to give him the care and attention he needed.


At the sanctuary, with our cropped pasture Buddy was able to be with other Shetland ponies and donkeys.


Buddy is a lovely affectionate pony with a great little personality.


Unfortunately during the past year he has been poorly with laminitis and rotated pedal bones.  However, with the help and guidance of our farrier and vet and the love and care from the volunteers, he is now back to good health.  


He is able to go out into the paddock with the other Shetlands and donkeys but has his own little area cordoned off within the field so that he has restricted grazing but at the same time has all his friends around him.

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