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Hello, my name is Miri and I have been at the Sanctuary for four years. I lost my home and was roaming the streets until a very kind lady took pity on me and invited me into her garden and fed me. I was hoping this was going to be my new home but unfortunately there were other cats in the house and they didn’t take too kindly to me. The lady was quite upset for me so she got in contact with the ABC to see if they had any room for me . . . and here I am!

I was very nervous for quite some time but the volunteers were very good and patient with me and would sit with me during the day to try and build my confidence.  After a while they thought it would be a good idea to move me to the Orchard where there were other cats and it changed my life completly! I have made friends with Simone, Charlie and Whiskers who live just a few doors down and during the day we have great fun chasing each other – it’s great!

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