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Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, it's that time of year again my friends . . . Valentine's Day! Trixie keeps dropping hints about it but to be honest I don't know what I can give her.

She's on a strict diet with regards to treats so that's that idea out of the window and whilst having my usual stroll around the Sanctuary, there's not a single flower to be seen - not even a daisy or two!

Puck, my piggy pal, suggested I look upstairs in the tack room to see if there were any cosy blankets Trixie might like but I drew a blank there as well!

Desperation was setting in so I sauntered up to the Orchard cattery to consult Katie and Miri. "You're girls" I said to them. "Nice of you to notice" replied Miri. "Yes . . .well, I need to impress Trixie on Valentine's Day" I said "but she can't have treats, there are no flowers anywhere around here and no soft, cosy toasty blanket for her bed! What can I do? Please help me!" I begged, sitting down, paws put together in prayer whilst slowly closing my eyes, hoping I looked as desperate as I felt.

"Well" said Katie "You could ask Maggie to set you up a table in the tea room with a pretty tablecloth draped across it that I know we have and then you could both have your evening meal there with a couple of saucers of finest milk. You could borrow the night light we have here in the cattery to create the ambience . . . and there you go! A romantic dinner for two!

"And then afterwards" said Miri "you could both sit on the veranda, gazing up at the stars and maybe you could meow her a song or two!"

And that, my friends . . .is purrrrfect!



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