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George's update

Hi everyone – it’s GG here again and I hope you have been enjoying this lovely weather!

I was having a stroll round the grounds the other morning bright and early, chatting to a few of my pals and listening to the birds singing when I heard a voice call “Hello! Is anybody there? Can you help me?”

Feeling curious, I sauntered through the barn gate looking left and right and there, sitting on the ground was Cheryl one of our volunteers.

“What are you doing down there?” I asked. “I tripped and fell” she said rather glumly “on my way to give Shabba, Bob and Bluebell their breakfast”.

Meanwhile Misty cat had come to join me as had Chocolate the donkey to see what was going on and so there we all were, peering into the three bowls to see if there was anything worth eating.

“That looks rather tasty” said Chocolate.

“Nah – there’s nothing there I like the look of “said Misty.

“Nor me “I said “although with a drop of milk and some Dreamies sprinkled on the top it may taste okay”

“EXCUSE ME! When you’ve all quite finished, could you help me up please?” Oops – we’d forgotten about Cheryl!

“What’s she doing down there?”whispered Chocolate.

“Don’t ask” I replied “Let’s get someone to help her up” and off we went.

A few minutes later Cheryl was up but walking rather slowly and delicately...with a broom under her arm! Rather strange, I thought as she very carefully climbed into Maggie’s car.

“Hey!” squealed Dec “they’re stealing one of our brooms! STOP THIEF!”

“Disgraceful” grunted Puck “and this being a Sanctuary and all”

“Thanks for the sympathy” murmured Cheryl. “I’m just using this as a support to help me walk. I’m off to Minor Injuries to have my knee checked out”

“If you say so” replied Dec “but I know who you both are and I’ll report you if you don’t bring it back!”

A couple of hours later the broom came back...together with Cheryl and Maggie much to the relief of Dec who walked away with a smirk on his face muttering that they’d only brought it back because he had frightened them by saying he’d report them.

Of course you had Dec!

Shabba, Bob and Bluebell did get their breakfast in the end in case you were worried.

And Cheryl...she had a very badly bruised knee and a graze on her nose and had to rest for a week but is back with us and fighting fit!

That’s it from me for now until next time.

Love and purrs



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