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Hello, my name is Trixie and I live here now at the Sanctuary as my owner died and there was nobody to look after me. I share my living quarters with George in the Barn cattery which is very nice as we have heat pads in our beds and a heater to keep the room warm.

I will be completely honest with you and admit that I was carrying quite a bit of weight (as my photo shows) and was feeling a bit uncomfortable as it made washing a bit difficult which wasn’t nice in itself. The people here took one look at me and whisked me off to see the vet who advised that I should go on a diet.

I am pleased to say that together with the strict food regime I was put on and my daily exercise in walking round the Sanctuary, I am gradually losing the weight and feeling much better!

I am well respected by the boys here - George, Arthur and Felix as I think they see me as a mother figure which is fine by me and they are very much aware that I won’t stand for any nonsense!

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