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Hello, my name is Jet and I have been here at the Sanctuary for four years. I was a stray and moved into the garden behind the local Estate Agents’ office.

They were very kind to me and fed me but after a while they said they were worried about me living outside as winter was approaching and so they had found me somewhere else to live where I would be warm and safe.

I was a little apprehensive when I arrived but when they showed me my house in the Orchard with its heater in the bedroom and heat pad in my bed AND my very own enclosed garden I was delighted!

I am quite a solitary cat and despite all the efforts of the volunteers who look after me, I just can’t be persuaded to come out and play with the others in the Orchard – I have tried a couple of times but I’m afraid it’s not for me.

Simone, Miri, Charlie and Whiskers all pop round to mine and sit outside and cat-chat with me which is lovely but I’m quite happy with my own company and my garden.

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