Hello, my name is Simone and I believe I may be the oldest cat here at 19 years of age . . .

I don’t look I know and at times I certainly don’t feel it!

My owner died so a very nice couple brought me here to the Sanctuary which at first scared me a little bit but when I was shown my house in the Orchard  which, I have to say, is delightful and was introduced to the people who would be looking after me I felt a lot better.

I have a separate bedroom with a heater and I even have a heat pad in my bed so that when the nights are cold I am cosy toasty.

I can wander around the Orchard during the day so am able to exercise and I quite often meet up with my feline pals Miri, Charlie and Whiskers who live a few houses along and we have a great time chasing each other!