Hello - my name is Misty and I was originally on the re-homing list but after two attempts and not really settling in either of the homes, it was decided that I would be better off becoming a permanent resident of the ABC ......and I'm very happy to be! I tried various rooms in the barn cattery but now I live in the Feed Room where they prepare all the meals for the horses, donkeys, goats and pigs. Well, I have always wanted a bigger place and having looked round it a few times I thought to myself, why not? It's spacious, warm with a lot of light, so I went for it. The ladies moved my bed in and my table mat and bowls and it's really lovely! It can be a bit noisy when the Volunteers are in here cutting up all the fruit and veg but I get a lot of attention and they include me in their conversations so I can't complain. I still pop round and visit my pals or they come round to mine but at nights I snuggle down on my own in my bed and listen to Buddy and Eddie (the Shetlands) snoring away in their shelters opposite. Don?t worry about me feeling cold in the winter as I have a lovely warm heat pad in my bed so I am cosy toasty!