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Horses needing a good home


All our horses are geldings or mares and are health-checked on arrival. Most of our equines are unwanted older horses that need to be companion horses. We carry out new-home checks and try to match the right horse to the right person or family as we do know their characters very well. Up-to-date photos of all our horses presently needing good homes will be added here along with their biographies.

 For further details please e-mail us or call: 01798 812508 or 07967 046068 

george cropped 1

George cropped 6



Any equine that we rehome is done so on a permanent loan contract.  This was particularly useful in the case of George who had been rehomed as a child’s riding pony and has been returned to us.  However, particularly nice for George is that he is fully trained and broken in and will go on to another home in due course. 


George is a handsome Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A), height – not exceeding 12 hands (121.9cms), and was one of the stars of the Pony Club and we hope that he will find an approved new home soon.


Interestingly, even after 18 months away he and his other equine friends all recognised each other and they were pleased to see him back.









We were asked to take in the Shetland brothers Hamish and Hogan, together. 


In the winter their coats are black and when they shed them in the summer they are mainly white. Hamish has been the more timid of the two and difficult to catch but is getting much better with the handling by the volunteers.


Hamish and Hogan can be rehomed together to the right kind of home.